Men in Dialogue

Men in Dialogue Association was created in 2007 by the initiative of a group of men coming from the education, sociology and the social sciences research backgrounds all of them compromised in the fight against gender violence and worried about the need for promoting and strengthen other models of alternative masculinity to the traditional masculinity model. Such models, according to the association, must be based on equality and dialogue, whereas these models must mean an advance towards engaging free violence relationships. Nowadays the association has grown with members of different professional fields, sexual diversity, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc. This enables us to face masculinity form a diversity of views.

The only common feature we all share in Men in Dialogue is the commitment in the fight against the gender violence and for egalitarian and passionated relationships..

Main goals:

  • Promote and fight for the awarness of alternative masculinities to the traditional masculinity focused on equality, respect, solidarity, sentiment in opposition to violence and domination and tightly linked to attraction and passion.
  • Create a common space where the different alternative visions of masculinity just defined before may gather and be developed, be respected aas well as to promote their internal dialogue.

Specific goals:

  • Prevent the gender violence and other problems linked to the traditional masculinity starting from a preventing socialization on the masculinity models.
  • • Work with schools and high schools to avoid exclusion situations towards those kids who don’t follow the traditional masculinity model but to make visible those who engage in an alternative masculinity which is both egalitarian and attractive.
  • Open a window for debate on masculinity.
  • Collect information on altrernative masculinities which are growing everywhere to be able to publish documents, upload them, etc.
  • Disseminate the values of the alternative masculinities.