IV Homes en Diàleg Day 2016: New alternative masculinities and overcoming double standard


jornada_2016_davant jornada_2016_darrera


Following the last years conferences, Homes en Diàleg [Men in Dialogue] organizes the fourth conference with the title: “New Alternatives Masculinities and overcoming the double standard”.

This year we will address the issue of the double standard and how it acts as reproductive of the models of traditional masculinity, models that are related to gender violence. We will also see how the alternatives masculinities provide a discourse that overcomes the double standard, a discourse that unites ethics and desire in a single model.

To this end, we will count with the inaugural conference of Oriol Rios who is a Juan de la Cierva researcher at the Department of Education at the Rovira i Virgili University, and editor of the journal “Masculinities and Social Change”.

We will also have a panel of different experiences on overcoming the double standard. Finally, there will be a debate workshop starting from different videos that address the issue of the double standard.